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kaRka kasadaRak kaRpavai katRapin
~niRka adhaRkuth thaga
Learn and understand what you study well. After you finish studying, practice what you learnt.
- ThirukkuRaL - 391

This site is dedicated to helping kids to learn Tamil. In particular, the primary focus is the Tamil class organized by the temple in Bridgewater, NJ.
In this site, you will find the class schedule, some background information, as well as some stories, songs, and other similar materials.

What's New?

27-May-03: Prepositions, verbs_1 added

4/22/02 - Tips for parents section added. Some PDF files corrected to embed Tamil font. Part-3 updated to include Aththi sUdi and kuruvi paRa~ndhu va~ndhadhAm.
3/16/02 - Initial site creation. The class schedule and some links added.

Please contact me with any comments or suggestions at subramanianv@juno.com.