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These lessons have not been created as any formal method to learn Tamil. Rather, they are being created dynamically as the current Tamil class session progresses through the year. At a later date, these may be re-organized. For more formal lessons, there are other web sites. Please see favorite links page.
            Learn to write: alphabets-1  alphabets-2  alphabets-3
Part-1 : Transliteration scheme, some common sentences, thOtakAcAryar story
Part-2 : kondRai vE~ndhan, Human Body, pulavarum ka~njjanum story
Part-3 : ammaiyaip pOndRa thuNai, Pronunciation guide and practice vocabulary, kuruvi paRa~ndhu va~ndhadhAm, Aththi sUdi
Part-4 : Prepositions (vEtRumaigaL 1-8)
Part-5 : Verbs-1 (vinaic coRkaL)